Recovery Data Platform

New Jersey Office of the Attorney General RDP Training

This training is meant to orient new RDP license users to access the system and learn basic functionality and navigation of the system as it relates to service provision and coordination. The training will also build upon the introduction and navigation including Kiosk Portal and gaining access across organization.

This specific RDP Training is split up into 4 Lessons and includes video tutorials.

  1. Introduction and HIPAA Training
    1. Why we collect the data we collect and how we keep it secure.
    2. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidance and guidelines for you to follow
  2. RDP Walkthrough
    1. An in-depth look at RDP from navigation to creating records.
  3. RDP Practice
    1. Your time to log in and create your records in RDP with a test license.
  4. RDP Kiosk
    1. This tool will assist field and center data collection throughout the state.

All video tutorials have a time requirement before proceeding onto the next subject. All Lessons have a simple Acknowledgment of completion of the lesson. Also, there is a Final Acknowledgment of completion of all requirements.

This training is a requirement from the NJ-OAG to acquire an RDP license. Once the training is completed and verified, you will receive an email within 24 hours with your RDP login credentials.


Est. Time9 min

Table of Contents

Introduction to RDP
Introduction to HIPAA
RDP HIPAA Acknowledgement
RDP Walkthrough
RDP Walkthrough Acknowledgement
RDP Practice
RDP Practice Acknowledgement
RDP Kiosk
RDP Kiosk Acknowledgement
Final Acknowledgement