The Opioid Response Network

The SAMHSA-funded Opioid Response Network (ORN) assists states, organizations, and individuals by providing the resources and technical assistance they need locally to address the opioid crisis and stimulant use. ​​

Technical assistance is available to support the evidence-based prevention, treatment, and recovery of opioid use disorders and stimulant use disorders.​​

The Opioid Response Network (ORN) provides local, experienced consultants in prevention, treatment, and recovery to communities and organizations to help address this opioid crisis and stimulant use. ​

ORN’s approach is to build on existing efforts, enhance, refine, and fill in gaps when needed while not “re-creating the wheel” or duplicating efforts.​

You can “Submit A Request” on the ORN website at

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Course Syllabus

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