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During the upcoming video tutorial, you will be entering data into the RDP test database we have set up for your organization.

While watching the video, you will be guided to do the following:

  1. Log into RDP with a test license
  2. Create and save an Interaction
  3. Create and save an Activity Log
  4. Create and save a Participant using the Quick Intake
  5. Create and save a Participant
  6. Create and save a Diversion Questionnaire
  7. Submit a Ticket to request your RDP License (your license will be activated soon after the completion of the Final Acknowledgment).

You CANNOT break RDP! While you are creating these records, take a look around and play. You should have plenty of time to perform all tasks required during the video tutorial.

Login Information for RDP

The RDP login page website is https://rdp.secure.force.com/

The username for the test license is njadmin2@email.com

The password for the test license is OHHNewJersey2

Both the username and password will recognize spaces before and after the name. The password is also CASE SENSITIVE!

If you have any issues logging into RDP with the information provided, please reach out to Jon Picard – jpicard@facesandvoicesofrecovery.org