RDP Walkthrough

Recovery Data Platform > RDP Walkthrough

This Recovery Data Platform video walkthrough will provide you with the insight and understanding needed for your usage.

During the walkthrough, we will view the following sections:

  1. Participant
    1. Intake
    2. Recovery Management Plan
    3. Assessments and Questionnaires (Diversion Questionnaire)
    4. TRS Logs
    5. RC Logs
    6. Interaction
    7. Attendance Logs
    8. Volunteer Logs
  2. Activity Logs
  3. Interactions without a Participant
  4. Quick Add section including Quick Intake
  5. Program Structure
  6. Reporting

RDP can be overwhelming because of the amount of information that can be collected. This is why we consider RDP to be a toolbox As with all toolboxes, not all tools need to be used.