Examining the Paradigm

  • What if we treated other diseases the way we treat substance use disorder?
  • And, what if we treated people with opioid use (OUD) disorder the same way we do alcohol and other drugs (AOD)?
    • What if we spent more time distinguishing between physical dependence, tolerance and withdrawal, versus addiction, craving, obsession, and compulsion?
    • What if we discerned, openly and with advocacy, the difference between drugs that compromise recovery status, and medications that enhance recovery stability?
  • How do we truly uphold addiction as a disease, and then belittle medications that have been proven effective with nearly 50 years of research? How do we present ourselves as people in recovery from the “disease of addiction” while also dismissing the American Medical Association’s awarding of the Nobel (Lasker Award) to Dr. Vincent Dole for pioneering work in methadone maintenance?
  • And who are we to tell a person in recovery that their pathway is not valid, if it includes medications for opioid use disorder?